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Velvet Pearl

Velvet Pearl

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  • Shape & Length : Short Coffin
  • Colors: Red
  • Nail Art Techniques:
    • French Tip
    • Pearls

Timeless Elegance Redefined

DivineDigits Studio's Vintage Pearl Crimson nails are a masterpiece of retro elegance, featuring vibrant red hues adorned with meticulously hand-applied pearls. Crafted for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of classic design, each nail is a testament to sophisticated craftsmanship.

Everyday Luxury, Uncompromised Comfort

Ideal for the modern woman, these short nails blend seamlessly into everyday life, ensuring elegance in every gesture without hindering practical tasks like typing. Perfect for adding a touch of vintage luxury to your daily routine, they symbolize sophistication that doesn't sacrifice functionality.

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