Removal Guide

Adhesive Tabs Only Removal:

  • Pregnancy-Friendly:
    • Safe for use during pregnancy—gentle and worry-free. 🤰
  • Reusable Nails:
    • Preserve your nails for future use—perfect for multiple wearings. ♻️
  • Gentle on Natural Nails:
    • Removal without damage to your natural nails—keeping them healthy. 💅
  • Simple Removal Steps:
    • Peel off gently from one side to another—easy and fuss-free.

Nail Glue Removal:

  • Professional Glue Remover(link):
    • Use a specialized nail glue remover for a safe and effective process. 💪
  • Single-Use Only:
    • After removal with glue remover, nails are not suitable for reuse. 🚫
  • Not Recommended for Pregnancy:
    • Avoid using glue remover during pregnancy for safety reasons. 🚼
  • Gentle Removal Process:
    • Apply the remover according to the product instructions—gentle and precise. ⚙️
  • Follow-Up Nail Care:
    • After removal, pamper your natural nails with moisturizer or cuticle oil.