Press-On Nail Application Guide

Jelly Adhesive Tabs Only:

  • Reusable:
    • Nails can be reused multiple times for sustainable glam. 🔄
    Gentle Application:
    • Won't damage natural nails—gentle on your fingertips. 💅
  • Eco-Friendly:
    • Environmentally conscious choice with no harmful chemicals. 🌿
  • Safe for All:
    • Pregnancy-friendly option for moms-to-be. 🤰
  • Quick & Convenient:
    • Speedy application and easy removal, making it convenient for daily use. ⏱️



Combination of Jelly Adhesive Tabs and Glue (or Glue Only):

  • Extra Durability:
    • Offers increased staying power, lasting for more than two weeks. 🌟
  • Extended Wear:
    • Ideal for longer-lasting results, ensuring a secure fit. 👍
  • Caution with Glue:
    • Requires nail glue remover(link) for removal—single-use only. 🚫
  • Not Suitable for Pregnant Users:
    • Pregnant individuals should avoid using glue for safety reasons. 🚼