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Floral Garden

Floral Garden

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  • Shape & Length: Short Squoval
  • Colors: Pink
  • Nail Art Techniques:
    • Hand-pained
    • French Tip
    • Gold Foil Nail Art

Springtime Elegance by DivineDigits Studio

Floral Garden by DivineDigits Studio is a celebration of spring's awakening, featuring a delicate pink base that serves as the canvas for beautifully hand-painted pink flowers, blooming with the season's joy and color. This short squoval set, perfect for daily wear, includes select nails with a French tip design, adding a classic touch to the botanical theme. The overall effect is a walk through a vibrant floral garden, with each nail encapsulating the essence of spring's renewal and beauty.

A Bouquet of Style for Everyday Wear

Designed for those who carry the freshness and vibrancy of spring in their hearts, Floral Garden Bliss is suited for any occasion that calls for a touch of nature's charm. From casual outings to more formal springtime gatherings, these nails add a flourish of floral elegance to your look, ensuring your style blooms as brightly as the season itself. Embrace the tender beauty of Floral Garden Bliss, and let your nails reflect the joyful serenity of a garden in full bloom.

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