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Frozen Fairy

Frozen Fairy

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  • Shape & Length: Short Squoval
  • Colors: Clear, White
  • Nail Art Techniques:
    • Cat Eye
    • French Tip
    • Rhinestones

Enchanted Allure by DivineDigits Studio

Frozen Fairy by DivineDigits Studio perfectly encapsulates the whimsical and enchanted essence of "Frozen," with a design that's both magical and practical for everyday wear. The short squoval shape is ideal for active lifestyles, while the soft grayish taupe cat-eye base, adorned with sparkling rhinestones along the tips, evokes the icy beauty of the fairy-tale world. This nail set is a tribute to the enchanting landscapes and characters of the beloved movie, offering a daily reminder of its timeless message and aesthetic.

Magical Moments in Everyday Life

Frozen Fairy is more than just a set of press-on nails; it's an invitation to bring a touch of magic and elegance into your daily routine. Perfect for fans of the "Frozen" saga or anyone who appreciates a bit of enchantment in their look, these nails are suited for all occasions. Whether you're typing away at your desk, enjoying a casual outing, or dressing up for a special event, Frozen Fairy adds a subtle sparkle and a nod to one of America's most cherished animations.

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