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Dubai Mirage

Dubai Mirage

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  • Shape & Length: Long Coffin
  • Colors: Silver Grey
  • Nail Art Techniques:
    • French Tip
    • Rhinestones
    • Marbling
    • Cat Eye

Luxurious Craftsmanship

Dubai Mirage by DivineDigits Studio dazzles with its opulent silver-gray base, featuring a gradient that darkens from the cuticle to the tip for a dramatic effect. Each nail is a work of art, adorned with meticulously hand-placed steel beads forming unique French tips, and further enhanced by distinct, large gems on some fingers, showcasing unmatched luxury and attention to detail.

Unmatched Elegance

Perfect for Dubai's extravagant lifestyle, Dubai Mirage is designed to elevate your status at any high-profile event, from glamorous parties to exclusive gatherings. This set guarantees to enhance your attire, reflecting your exquisite taste and the luxurious essence of Dubai. Let your nails be a conversation starter, symbolizing your affinity for sophistication and unparalleled luxury.

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